martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

My experience in Second Life

Hi y'all.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to experience Second Life, a virtual environment for live interaction. Second Life is a bit more advanced than regular chatrooms. It´s like Counter Strike meets Habbo Hotel and Msn Messenger. It is actually really fun because you get to interact with people all over the world, be whoever you want and do almost anything you want. For instance, the Avatar (that's the character you create to interact with other users, a representation of yourself) can have any from you want. Did you always dream with being a tall chinese lady, you've got it. Say you want to be an elf or a vampire, just get the appropriate avatar an you are ready to go.

Second Life can be used for language practice since you can use your microphone for live interaction. However, since it requires a high speed connection, a lot of RAM and installing, I do not see it as practical as other resources such as Twitter, blogs and even Facebook.

I had fun anyway. Here are some other snapshots:

4 comentarios:

  1. Hi Jesus!
    I liked the info you posted about second life.
    Very descriptive, good pics. :-D

  2. Hi, man. Nice snapshots. I very much liked your metamorphosis act in SL. Take some time to visit my blogs. See for instance my published books (only translated by me, of course) at my professional blog at wordpress. See you

  3. Howdy Jesus!!!

    The name title of your course blog deserves my admiration and a congratulation as well!!
    Just got to see your page on SL and I really liked your comparison of it(Counter strike meets...)ha, ha. I do agree with you as far as SL not being practical for learning ESL. I also think it is time consuming when compared to other ict tools. However I did enjoy the snapshots. Good work !!- Julio

  4. Dear Jesus,
    I really love reading your thoughts and your course mates' comments. You got great SL snapshots. Congratulations! Unfortunately, I disagree with you when mention that SL is not practical. SL has enormous advantages and a fantastic potential to teach and learn languages. I guess you must explore it more and learn on how to use it. SL can recreate almost real life environments and provides facilities that other web tools can't.
    There are excellent experiences in ELT by using SL, that's the reason why many well-known universities and language institutes are offering language courses in SL too. I'd love to invite you all to observe a class, but I am not teaching now. Let me see if I can have the permission to do so with or any other institution.